RocWall MPC






RocWall MPC is a ready-mixed premium grade light-weight compound that can be used for bedding tape, second & final coating of plasterboard joints. RocWall MPC has a smooth base for ease of handling and is crack resistant with strong adhesion qualities. RocWall MPC is ideal for use with mechanical tools.

RocWall MPCRocWall MPC formulation delivers excellent slip, bond and easy workability. It can be used directly from the container and requires only minimal mixing. Joint finishing is fast, easy and smooth reducing labour costs and improving the appearance and quality of any plastering job.


RocWall MPC can only be applied onto dry surfaces. Apply thoroughly and allow each coat to dry before applying any further coats.

Joint Finishing

At joints between panels, fill with compound using 150mm (6″) broad knife. Embed the paper tape and press in with broad knife. Remove any excess compound. Apply a thin coat of compound evenly over the tape. Apply second coat with a larger broad knife at joints and fasteners, smoothing out 50mm beyond first coat and allow to dry. Apply thin final coat with a larger again broad knife to joints and fasteners and let dry.

To Finish Inside Corners

Apply compound to both sides with 75mm to 100mm (3″ to 4 “) broad knife. Fold tape along centre and press into position and embed the tape with broad knife. Remove excess compound. Apply a thin coat evenly over the tape. Apply second coat on one side and allow to dry. Apply the other side in a similar fashion. Apply final thin finish then smooth the finish coat.

To Finish Outside Corners

Fasten a metal corner bead directly to plasterboard and apply 3 coats of compound.

Using RocWall MPC