Using RocWall Base Coat


Mixing ratio: 1L water to 2kg RocWall Base Coat.

Working and setting times

Product Working time (minutes) Setting time (minutes)
Base Coat 20 Approx 15 20-35
Base Coat 45 Approx 30 45-60
Base Coat 60 Approx 45 60-80
Base Coat 90 Approx 70 90-120
Base Coat 150 Approx 120 150-180

Usage instructions

  1. Fill gaps of more than 4mm with RocWall Base Coat and allow to set.
  2. Using a 150mm broad knife, evenly fill the recess with RocWall Base Coat.
  3. Roll out paper tape, press it firmly into RocWall Base Coat to expel trapped air.
  4. Apply a skim coat of RocWall Base Coat over the tape and allow to set.
  5. Apply a second coat of RocWall Base Coat with a 200mm curved trowel.
  6. Feather the edges to remove excess RocWall Base Coat and allow this coat to set and dry.
  7. Apply a top coat of RocWall MPC or RocWall TOP using a 280mm curved trowel.
  8. Sand lightly when dry.


Keep the container closed to prevent compound from drying out.

Wash tools with water before product dries and/or hardens.

Use RocWall MPC or RocWall TOP for finishing plasterboard joints.

Health and Safety Precautions

Avoid exposure to excessive dust and always wear a safety mask complying with NZS/AS 1715 & 1716 when mixing or sanding this product.

Spilt material should be left to harden and disposed of to a landfill. Do not flush down drains. Packaging should be disposed of to a landfill.

If ingested, please contact the National Poisons Information line on 13 11 26.

First Aid

Eye Contact: Flush material from eyes with large quantities of water. Contact a doctor if irritation persists.

Ingestion: May cause obstruction of the intestine when plaster hardens. Contact a doctor immediately.

Inhalation: Leave the area of dust exposure and remain well away until coughing and other symptoms subside.

Skin contact: Wash with mild soap and water. Use a commercially available lotion to treat dry skin areas. If cracking of the skin occurs, treat appropriately to prevent infection and promote healing.